maybe I don't want to write an informative book about a 90s television show

2017-03-30 -- 8:06 a.m.

My whole life has been leading up to me writing a book. Or a movie or SOMEthing. Anything, Nik, write! Well, I became a writer and it fucking sucked. I wrote ad copy for financial institutions and tweets for TV shows. I wrote YouTube strategies and interviewed celebrities about their "influences" and their stupid new albums. Becoming a writer doesn't mean writing the next great book, it means figuring out a good SEO-able title for THIS FUCKING BLOG ENTRY.

I worked at a big fucking national TV/radio blah blah company. Before that, I was heading a department at another big fucking national TV blah blah blah.

I lost my job last year - a long time ago - for not going with the flow, for not playing along, for getting mad because I was being treated differently than the men. No, literally, I complained about the sexist culture of the place and its impact on me and a few days later they decided to give me a golden handshake.

So, fine, that happened. And I look around at all the people I went to journalism school with. A lot of them are still "journalists" if you can call us that. I TELL people I'm a journalist because I don't fancy introducing myself as Nikki the Hack. So they write advertorial copy about efficient energy and movies and kinds of paint. One of them wants to be a magazine writer from 20 years ago and she subsists on Salon and Time stories that barely pay anything. She wrote a book! A fucking book! But guess what the book was about? Anyone care to guess? It was about the significance of the 90s TV show My So-Called Life. First of all, let me say, that was a fucking good show. But very few people want to read a book about it. I sure don't. And I certainly don't want to write a book about that, either.

I'm not saying I'm better than all that. I mean, clearly I am not. I haven't written that book. Or screenplay. Or anything. I've written listicles about Prince songs and shit like that. It's all meaningless! Who fucking cares?! Clickbait.

I should have done it before. I should have but I didn't. So all I can do it start now. I HAVE to do this. I have the time. I'm not doing anything else. I can apply to jobs and write. I'm doing it.

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maybe I don't want to write an informative book about a 90s television show - 2017-03-30
maybe I don't want to write an informative book about a 90s television show - 2017-03-30