over and over and over
2021-11-21* a pinata at the end of the party
2018-08-03* 36 Weeks
2018-03-20* some nights the blood from real cuts feels real nice when it's really mine
2017-03-30* maybe I don't want to write an informative book about a 90s television show
2017-03-30* maybe I don't want to write an informative book about a 90s television show
2014-11-12* greener grass
2014-06-09* always so tired
2013-12-14* SO THERE< ENNUI
2013-11-06* rob ford, bitch
2013-11-06* rob ford, bitch
2013-10-22* what is this emptiness inside of me?
2013-10-15* -
2013-09-07* shouldn't this be easy?
2013-08-25* no death and destruction, growth and positivity
2013-08-18* -
2013-06-09* i have loved all the good times here
2013-05-25* Beauty in a breakdown
2013-05-23* Hey energysucker, I'm a goddess, I'm not your mother
2013-03-31* -
2013-03-15* plans for being unemployed
2013-03-12* it could be so much worse
2013-03-05* tell me what do you want from me
2013-02-28* I found you drunk on the street
2013-02-23* what is that accomplishing?
2013-02-06* don't fall
2013-02-04* procrastination and paranoia
2013-02-02* exactly what i wanted
2013-02-02* exactly what i wanted
2013-02-01* holding pattern
2013-01-01* -
2013-01-01* single, seeing double
2012-12-15* Freedom doesn't come cheap or easy
2012-11-04* all figured out
2012-09-17* holy epiphany
2012-08-27* moving home? it looks likely
2012-08-05* life would be easy without emotion
2012-07-30* strength in numbers
2012-07-21* FUCK EVERYONE!
2012-06-14* my parents on email
2012-06-01* nikki got a cold
2012-05-27* BOO BOYS
2012-05-23* killinginthenameof
2012-04-08* let go of what's destroying you
2012-03-26* leave me lady lumps
2012-03-24* spiritual practice
2012-03-06* eyes on the prize
2012-03-06* eyes on the prize
2012-03-01* there's always a way out
2012-02-28* i had a bad day
2012-02-05* my belief system
2012-02-05* my belief system
2012-01-30* i moshed in my kitchen
2012-01-28* i wish i wasn't so crazy.
2012-01-25* dramatic rant part 38293
2012-01-22* SOONISH
2011-12-21* just be zen
2011-12-06* How low can you go
2011-11-30* deeply offensive
2011-11-27* hug?
2011-11-21* write something that means something
2011-11-13* facebook profile photo
2011-11-10* everything is already ok
2011-09-20* Just a bit of history repeating
2011-09-11* Bad timing is all
2011-08-14* one night almost stand
2011-07-30* drama free
2011-07-26* weird
2011-07-18* this is.
2011-07-09* early days
2011-07-06* so it's over
2011-06-26* fuuckkk
2011-06-26* fuuckkk
2011-06-22* that is all
2011-06-06* being alive is pretty awesome
2011-04-30* be what you are
2011-04-21* Try the best you can, your best is good enough
2011-04-20* April 20th
2011-04-10* goddamned tories
2011-04-07* inane thought banter
2011-03-06* should we just break up?
2011-02-06* que sera sera
2011-01-01* new year's day
2010-12-05* too many questions.
2010-09-22* i deplore men like that
2010-09-21* doesn't matter
2010-09-12* and it hurts with every heartbeat
2010-09-05* joyce = wisest person ever
2010-09-05* -
2010-08-29* would you blame me?
2010-08-08* relationship station
2010-08-07* all the lights that light the way are blinding
2010-08-04* connected to all matter like oxygen atoms
2010-08-02* sigh
2010-08-01* sunday morning
2010-07-31* the headache to end all headaches
2010-07-30* fucking eh
2010-07-27* what to do
2010-07-27* tumbleweeds
2010-07-27* a cafe in notting hill
2010-07-26* things are weird
2010-07-24* URGH
2010-07-22* gimmemoney !!
2010-07-18* -
2010-06-14* I can change
2010-06-10* no depression
2010-06-09* no deadlines
2010-05-07* stuff i love
2010-01-28* well isn't this cute?
2010-01-26* time goes by so slowly
2010-01-22* entwined in a shroud of hopefulness
2010-01-18* i'll pay for you... anytime
2010-01-15* please please please let me get what i want
2010-01-05* fear will stop the love
2009-12-29* Honey, all you have to be by the time you're 29 is yourself.
2009-12-07* graduation
2009-11-25* bbc one! bbc seven! bbc heaven!
2009-11-16* i. am. so. tired.
2009-10-23* note to self
2009-10-06* two more years
2009-09-28* rebirth and souls dying
2009-08-14* birthday sex
2009-08-10* no small parts
2009-08-08* i am a bad person
2009-07-24* present tense
2009-07-21* email to joyce
2009-07-09* to yoga or not to yoga?
2009-06-23* que sera sera
2009-06-16* fuck you, facebook
2009-06-10* negative
2009-05-25* bloodshot puppy eyes
2009-05-05* next, the world! but literally
2009-05-04* 13000 down, 1000 to go
2009-04-30* hurts me more than it'll hurt you
2009-04-19* 823.98
2009-03-17* do you realize that everyone you know, someday, will die?
2009-03-04* still the same
2009-02-16* it's just a number, nutter (or is it?)
2009-02-12* DANCE DANCE DANCE!
2009-02-02* i like american music
2009-01-22* deep breaths
2009-01-14* ain't that about a bitch?
2009-01-13* we all self-conscious, i'm just the first to admit it
2009-01-11* oh, i'll be the one to break my heart
2009-01-09* what's my weakness? men! ok, then
2009-01-07* DEAR FUCKING GOD
2009-01-04* work it
2009-01-03* siiiggghhh essays and booty calls
2008-12-31* this is an emergencyyyy
2008-12-29* go to church m*therf*cker
2008-12-28* yes then you're no up then you're down
2008-12-22* it's not men, it's people
2008-12-21* his name is mohammed, of all names
2008-12-14* i was looking for a job, then i found a job...
2008-12-08* i will use this frustration to write with vigour
2008-11-28* do you still exist?
2008-11-21* there's nothing worse than an angry peace activist
2008-11-20* why don't you be a man about it
2008-11-18* i work alone. we always work alone.
2008-11-15* that's a laugh, coming from you
2008-11-11* oh god
2008-11-08* i think it's safe to say i get carried away
2008-11-06* you didn't really want to be friends, did you?
2008-11-04* is my consciousness evolving?
2008-11-02* in an honest world
2008-10-29* i suppose that's just the way the cookie crumbles
2008-10-28* this old world is a new world and a bold world
2008-10-27* don't get any big ideas (they're not gonna happen)
2008-10-19* noogies to death
2008-10-14* election day
2008-10-08* they will suck you down to the other side
2008-10-05* not a fan of brit men
2008-10-02* i will not pay �110 a week for a hovel
2008-10-01* love it all, love it all
2008-09-30* did we take the time to be all the things we said?
2008-09-27* is it worth it? let me work it
2008-09-23* tummy hurts
2008-09-19* 10 pm
2008-09-19* 2 am
2008-09-17* before takeoff
2008-09-17* gravy
2008-09-12* whoa uh oh i love her cause she moves in her own way
2008-09-05* light up, as if you have a choice
2008-09-02* happiness sadness guilt remembrance
2008-08-29* under pressure
2008-08-28* this *will* be awesome.
2008-08-26* here comes the sun little darlin
2008-08-25* sometimes i can see right through myself
2008-08-23* just cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there
2008-08-22* FFUUUCCKKKK
2008-08-21* livin my dreams to the point you should pinch me to convince me
2008-08-12* one day at a time
2008-08-11* a month and six days
2008-08-06* things i have re/learned
2008-08-02* 46 days
2008-08-02* 46 days
2008-07-24* there'll be something missing
2008-07-23* light up, as if you had a choice
2008-07-21* indifference is the holocaust of the heart
2008-07-18* i watched you change
2008-07-10* update: it's still happening
2008-07-01* sighh
2008-06-30* i have no way of knowing what a world of good i'm doing myself
2008-06-29* i hear that everybody you know is cooler than everybody i know
2008-06-24* it's times like these
2008-06-20* things are developing
2008-06-19* all things go, all things grow
2008-06-17* sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment
2008-06-16* i should be blogging
2008-06-15* if all i thought were true...
2008-06-14* i'm a believer
2008-06-13* dun dun duunnnnnnnn
2008-06-10* fear will stop the love, but love will stop the fear (but it's not always that clear)
2008-06-07* taking it as it comes
2008-06-06* light up, light up, as if you have a choice
2008-06-05* the challenge of today
2008-06-04* you better pay attention to this moment
2008-06-02* the final plan is mine, all done in good time
2008-05-26* i have a good job despite the recession
2008-05-21* eek boys
2008-05-16* it's only a good thing if you make it a good thing
2008-05-15* there is always something to be written
2008-05-14* thank you for turning on the light
2008-05-10* give yourself the green light
2008-05-10* give yourself the green light
2008-05-08* my love is magnificent
2008-05-05* it's bittersweet symphony that's life
2008-05-02* apply some pressure
2008-04-30* full-out cleanse
2008-04-28* one day at a time
2008-04-27* maybe you should just let her go.
2008-04-24* mood swinger
2008-04-23* this too shall pass
2008-04-22* patience is a virtue, but i've been virtuous a long long time
2008-04-20* four twenty, bitches
2008-04-17* this weight was a gift / like i had to see what i could lift
2008-04-15* nervous tension
2008-04-12* self-fulfilling prophecies
2008-04-10* people pleaser
2008-04-03* merry happy
2008-03-30* find me, cute boy
2008-03-28* when the student is ready, the teacher will appear
2008-03-27* we have all the time in the world to get it right
2008-03-23* it's better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not
2008-03-20* it if makes me happy
2008-03-17* forgive me my pain
2008-03-07* take it as a compliment
2008-03-06* have a cigar!
2008-03-05* don't say you never when you might, just not this time
2008-03-04* the guilt will kill you if she don't first
2008-03-03* trust yourself and don't believe in anymore lies
2008-03-02* insomnia
2008-03-01* if your heart was torn in two, take the parts and start anew
2008-02-29* friends again? maybe we can
2008-02-27* it's out of here
2008-02-27* so many ways to die
2008-02-26* thank god life is so long
2008-02-25* i guess i wish you were a yes man
2008-02-25* everything must run its course
2008-02-21* i'll be back on top, back on top in june
2008-02-19* this too shall pass
2008-02-19* just don't want so much
2008-02-18* i missed chicago today
2008-02-17* maybe we just always stay the same
2008-02-16* doing the right thing all the time sucks ass
2008-02-14* if you want to know how i'm doing, read my last.fm profile
2008-02-13* self discovery is overrated
2008-02-12* to thine own self be true
2008-02-10* fuck it
2008-02-08* but you don't KNOW him
2008-02-07* the black swan theory
2008-02-06* take it as it is, not as i would have it
2008-02-05* such an ugly thing for someone so beautiful
2008-02-04* deleting apologies can be tiresome
2008-02-03* i am fun
2008-02-01* everything in its right place
2008-01-30* holy fuck
2008-01-29* and it was awesome and you were special
2008-01-28* writing writing writing
2008-01-25* double blow to the heart
2008-01-24* give a kiss, darling
2008-01-23* one day at a time sweet jesus
2008-01-21* there is no love here and there is no pain
2008-01-19* selfish and misunderstood
2008-01-19* life has a funny way of kicking my ass
2008-01-16* yawn
2008-01-09* the new ennui
2008-01-06* meaning of life be damned
2008-01-06* being 17 has its advantages
2008-01-01* c-c-c-changes
2007-12-30* chuck klosterman is a big geek
2007-12-28* i'm a star, how could i not shine?
2007-12-27* by the way, you should find your place in the world
2007-12-25* i love my mac
2007-12-23* why can't we be friends
2007-12-20* just hatin' on your ruse
2007-12-16* just more to love
2007-12-16* blehhh
2007-12-10* sleep is my saviour
2007-12-08* i feel weird.
2007-12-06* bookcases will solve all my problems
2007-12-04* i swam
2007-12-04* what happens when you lose everything? you just start again
2007-12-03* i am so money, baby, and i don't even know it
2007-12-02* want so badly to believe that there is truth, that love is real





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